Whether you are looking for a forklift licence Brisbane, or a renewal, there are several important aspects to consider. Learn about the Worksafe Licencing program, Assessment, and renewal process. Getting a forklift licence is an important step in working in construction, mining, and other industries.

Worksafe Licencing

If you want to start a career in forklift operation, the first step is to obtain a Worksafe Licencing forklift licence in Brisbane. Forklifts are considered a high-risk job in Australia, and unlicensed operators can cause serious injury or damage to property. That’s why they need to undergo rigorous training and obtain a licence.

To obtain a licence, you must complete the assessment and complete the required forms. You can get your licence within 60 days after completing your assessment. To apply, you must have an email address. You must also submit three documents proving your identity to the TMR Customer Service Centre.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is the number one priority of any business and it starts with having the right licence to operate a forklift. In Australia, forklift operators must have formal training and a forklift licence to be able to operate one of these heavy machinery. The process for this licence is not complicated and can be done online. This licence is good for many different jobs, including construction sites, supply chains, warehouses, and more.

There are a few steps to take to get your forklift licence Brisbane. First of all, it is necessary to complete the pre-course reading and assessment. Then, you must submit your application for the licence. It is important to remember that the application fee is non-refundable, and you must pay it once for each new class of licence.


If you’re thinking of operating a forklift, you need to know the requirements for operating it safely. You will need to have a high risk work licence and formal training. This training will include theoretical and practical elements. It is essential to have a certified trainer or assessor deliver the training.

The training will be delivered through a certified Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be given a certificate of attainment and an AS1 form. You’ll then need to post these documents to the RTO. There’s a small fee for this. This fee can be paid online or through a mail order service.

Renewing a forklift licence

Renewing a forklift licence is a simple process. If you’ve recently obtained your licence, or are about to renew it, you should review this information. There are several important things you should know before you renew your licence. For example, you need to make sure you’ve got the right skills and experience to operate a forklift. If you don’t, you may not be able to get your licence renewed.

To renew your licence, you need to submit an original F1 application form and a copy of your old HRW licence. You also need to present proof of identity such as a photo ID and a 100-point identity card. The application fee is $70. You can pay by EFTPOS, cash or cheque.


If you need to do a forklift course or you need to renew your forklift licence please follow the details provided above and you will have your licence in no time! If you use your licence for work you’ll be able to earn more money. If you are using it for personal use, like working on your own project of building your home, you’ll save money having your own forklift licence.