Maintaining the optimum function of your caravan is important to you. In Perth, the best way to ensure your caravan to stay in tip-top shape is through annual Perth caravan repairs and servicing.

The popularity of DIY today has also extended to caravan repairs and servicing as well. While there are DIY caravan maintenance you can handle, an annual professional caravan repairs and servicing is recommended for your peace of mind and safe travel.

How often should you have your caravan serviced?

Two types of service to include the first service and the annual service are recommended to all caravan owners. The first 12 months of the caravan or when it has travelled 1000-2000 kms should be subjected to the first service. It is an important service even when the check is generally basic.

Annual services have to be scheduled with caravan repairs and servicing shop after the first service. A yearly caravan service or once every 10,000 kms travel by the caravan is a must for safety.

The thorough annual check-up helps prevent delays and damages while on the road. Even an idle caravan should be subjected to an annual check-up. Skipping an annual caravan servicing should not be the option no matter how tempting.

DIY checks you can do

Your caravan maintains its peak performance by doing a few basic DIY checks in between major services. Expensive repair bills are prevented when you learn to identify early signs of potential issues. The list of DIY checks you can do include:

  • Awning – checking the smooth function of the contracting and extending motion of the awning should be regularly inspected. Check signs of damage in the fabric and ensure its cleanness all the time. Your awning stays longer if you move the awning strap along the roller as you roll it in. Rolling up the awning in one spot can cause damage.
  • Vents – the vents should be clear and unblocked. However, it’s recommended to call in immediate expert help if you smell gas or musky dampness in the vents.
  • Tyres – tyre checks include signs of uneven wear and cracks other than checking the air pressure. The spare tyre needs to be included in the inspection as well.
  • Seals – Signs of cracks in the seals of the roof, door, and windows means replacing them soonest possible. Doing so prevents dirt and moisture from entering the caravan.
  • Lights – check the battery to see if it’s holding the charge while you run all interior and exterior lights of the caravan.
  • Wheels – wheel nuts should always be tightened before, during, and after every road travel.

When to leave it to the experts

A check and repair servicing should be scheduled annually with reputable caravan repairs and servicing shops. The things only professional repair technicians can handle include:

  • Ventilation levels
  • Recorded levels with the Full Damp Survey
  • Battery and 12-volt electrics testing
  • Smoke/CO alarms and fire safety
  • Appliance testing/230 Volt Mains Electrics
  • Recording safe Carbon Monoxide levels, Gas soundness, and appliance testing
  • Water systems
  • Bodywork

The safe, proper, and efficient workings of your caravan are achieved through DIY checks between scheduled annual repair and servicing. Other than peace of mind, your caravan stands to last for a long time when it is properly maintained. Book your caravan servicing today by contacting us at Perth North Caravan Repairs.